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Phone Lock box

Phone Lock box

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✔️ Focus on your most important tasks.

✔️ Give undivided attention to loved ones.

✔️ Build the project you have been procrastinating on.

✔️ Prioritize internal influences instead of external ones.

✔️ Remove yourself from the artificial world of Social Media.

✔️ Reset your pleasure baseline with a dopamine detox.

✔️ Stop staying up too late watching videos.

✔️ Reset to get out of a rut.

Product Details

☑️ Fits Most Mobile Phones: Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro/13 /12 Pro Max /12/11/X/XR/XS/8
☑️ Long Battery Life: Will last up to 30 days on a single charge. 
☑️ Charger not included, but The Unlock Box is compatible with your existing iPhone or Android charger.
Max setting time is 99 hours 59mins and 59s.
☑️ The product is portable & lightweight yet durable.
☑️ There is a hole on the front that allows you to answer emergency phone calls.

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- Ships within 1 business day from NYC

- Fast 3-5 day US Domestic shipping for FREE.

- Free 30-day returns.

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Phone Lock Box

Use your phone as a tool, not a distraction.

Give attention to the things that matter most in life.

We lose on average over 20 hours a week* to mindless phone usage.

What could you do with that time?

  • Carter T.


    "I lock my phone in the unlock box for 10 hrs an hour before I go to bed.
    This way my first and last hour of each day are phoneless. Gotta prioritize the internal influences before the external.
    I don’t rely on will power."

  • Sarah H.


    “I used to spend houuuurrss on social media each day; It always made me feel pretty gross.

    I can now dedicate anywhere from 30 mins, to 3 hours of non-cell phone use.

    Well worth it."

  • Will S.


    "Sounds dumb, but I use it to focus on movies instead of scrolling Twitter😂."

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What if there is an emergency?

In case of an emergency, we offer two features:

1. Use our lower half cut-out to accept incoming phone calls or use Siri to make a phone call for you.

2. In the case that you need to break the lock box to get your phone out. You can send us your broken one and we will give you brand new one, FREE!

Why don't I just not use my phone?

This is possible! Many people will just put their phone in another room and find that this is enough.

However, many people find that this does not work for them, or they are constantly distracted by just the option of going to check your phone.

Will power is finite and we find it is best to not even give yourself the option to procrastinate.

What if this doesn't help me?

We GAURANTEE it will help or your money back.

If you constantly find yourself spending time on your phone when you do not necessarily want to, this product will absolutely help you.

If after 30-days, you do not find that The Unlock Box has helped you focus on more important things, we will give your money back, no questions asked.

Focus without distraction

Do not rely on will power to focus. Remove the option to be distracted.

In case of emergency

Answer phone calls with through the lock box.

Use Siri to make phone calls.

If you need to break the lock box, send it and we will replace it for FREE.

Charge Phone

Lock your phone in our timer lock box and charge it at the same time.

Unplug from the world

Unplug from the external world and retreat into your inner sanctuary. Focus on yourself

Why lock my phone away?

We were not evolved to have such magical devices in our pocket. These screens enable you to connect with loved ones miles or continents away, have access to the worlds wealth of knowledge, work from anywhere in the world, provide entertainment at a moments notice, and infinitely more.

But these features are not without their demons.

As you know, many applications are built to monetize your attention. It is hard to fight off the attention-seeking tactics of a younger sibling or painting that is crooked. It is near impossible to ward off the world’s smartest engineers collaborating together on attention-grabbing algorithms.

It is your will vs. tens of thousands of engineers. It is a tough battle.

That is why when you need to be distraction free, we suggest you never play that game with them and just lock your phone away.

When you need to focus on building that side-project of yours, do not give yourself the option to procrastinate scrolling Twitter.

When you have been feeling insecure about your appearance, give yourself time away from your curated Instagram feed of artificially attractive men and women.

When you feel like your thoughts need clarity, do not allow for more overwhelming input before you make time to write clearly what is on your mind.

When you have been struggling to go to bed on time, do not give yourself the opportunity to binge Netflix or watch fail compilations on YouTube.

When you are with your friends & family, but find yourself checking your feeds to see what your other friends are doing, don’t.

When you are in a rut and the simple things do not bring you as much joy as when you were a kid, take a break from entertainment to reset your baseline dopamine.

If The Unlock Box, can help you with any of these things it will be a purchase well-made and if it does not, we have a money-back guarantee.